Experience the magic of holographic sound.  

Immerse yourself in the most vividly detailed natural spaces on the planet, captured in unbelieveably high-res 3D sound. Unlike conventional recordings, Naturespace goes far beyond simple entertainment. Our massive catalog is a multi-faceted solution for creating a calm and balanced mental state by transporting you to the world's most benevolent natural environments. Unparalleled for managing stress and anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, and PTSD, our recordings are also a fantastic tool for enhancing focus and concentration, stimulating the imagination, fueling creativity, and eliminating distractions by masking unwanted noise. 

While Naturespace is an entirely new way to reproduce sound, you don't need any special equipment. Just put on your headphones and close your eyes. You’ll see. 


Naturespace is a free app for iOS and Android.

When it comes to providing a relaxing soundtrack, there is little to compare with the sounds of nature. [Naturespace] utilises cutting-edge recording technology to recreate soundscapes of incredible accuracy and atmosphere.
— Miranda Kerr, Body+Soul
If you’re really committed to going deep, go Naturespace... You hear the birds in the trees above you as well as what’s before and behind you. This is some of the best sound quality out there.
— Time Magazine