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Nature for All

Naturespace for iOS and Android is an effective, drug-free solution for combating stress and anxiety, aiding sleep and relaxation, and enhancing focus and concentration. There are over 120 natural spaces and events to choose from, and each one of them captures a long and evolving landscape unfolding over time. The average length of a Naturespace track is over 12 minutes (with many that are over 30 minutes before they seamlessly loop), creating an infinite listening experience without the artificial repetitiveness of shorter loops. 

Users have reported that Naturespace is effective in coping with insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, tinnitus, chronic pain, and more. Download the free app here.


Naturespace's holographic audio has a wide range of uses and benefits for daily life. Below are some of our recommended uses and user testimonials.



Naturespace is an excellent noise-masking tool, but what makes it superior to white noise is that our night recordings actually make you sleepy. Realistic, peaceful nature sounds send a signal to your subconscious that it is safe to relax, enabling you to fall asleep quickly and naturally. 

Here's what some of our iOS reviewers have to say on Naturespace and insomnia (all testimonials are from our public iTunes reviews):


Productivity, focus, and creativity

Working in a loud, chaotic (or unnaturally silent) environment is distracting at best. Noise pollution and other intrusive sounds are almost inescapable in modern life, but at a cost; it demands mental energy to process unwelcome sounds and creates a feeling of unease. Naturespace is a simple, two-fold solution: our superior nature recordings mask noise better than any other white noise app or machine, and our peaceful, daytime nature soundscapes allow your subconscious mind to rest and take a break from processing complex background noise. This frees up your brain to focus on what's in front of you and to be fully creative.

Our listeners are writers, painters, comic book artists, sculptors, journalists, students, and anyone whose work demands a high degree of focus and/or creativity. 

Here's what some of our iOS reviewers have said about Naturespace, productivity, and creativity (all testimonials are from our public iTunes reviews):


Families and Maternity

Whether you're expecting, or already raising children of your own, Naturespace has something to offer. We've tailored our catalog to include some of the most relaxing, sleep-inducing nature recordings on the planet, which have just as strong of an effect on children as it does on adults. We are proud of the diversity and variety in our catalog as well; we've rendered farmyards, scuba adventures, and space trips in stunning 3D to engross and entertain listeners of all ages.

Here's what our iOS users say about Naturespace and families (all testimonials are our public iTunes reviews):


PTSD and Chronic Pain

We've discovered that Naturespace is not only a powerful tool for managing stress and anxiety; many users report that Naturespace is beneficial for coping with PTSD, chronic pain, and illness. Here's what our users have to say:

The best nature/white noise app! I think I have tried them all and this one is the absolute best in terms of quality. I was recently diagnosed with cancer and have had to deal with chronic pain, hospital stays and major depression and Naturespace has been my relief and escape through the whole thing. Sometimes I’d put on my headphones and just pretend I was near a beach or a river.


Audiologists recommend sound therapy for managing tinnitus; our users report that Naturespace is effective at masking tinnitus and distracting sufferers to provide relief. Here's what some of our reviewers have to say: 


Acessibility with VOICEOVER

Naturespace is fully Apple Voiceover-compatible for iOS users who are blind or vision-impaired.