When it comes to providing a relaxing soundtrack, there is little to compare with the sounds of nature. [Naturespace] utilises cutting-edge recording technology to recreate soundscapes of incredible accuracy and atmosphere.
— Miranda Kerr, Body+Soul


I still don’t have an iPhone, but my wife gave me her old one. It doesn’t do anything except hold some music and has a nature sound sleep app called Naturespace. Since I am a terrible insomniac and I am scared of silence I rely on that almost every night. My favorite preset is called “Night At Lake Unknown,” hence the title.
— Connor Oberst on the Naturespace track "Night at Lake Unknown," Q Magazine
If you’re really committed to going deep, [choose] Naturespace... You hear the birds in the trees above you as well as what’s before and behind you. This is some of the best sound quality out there.
— Time Magazine