Naturespace is a free app for iOS and Android.


Naturespace albums on iTunes

Naturespace has seven albums available exclusively in iTunes. The tracks are intended for devices such as the iPod, desktop computers, or any device that supports m4a files; they’re a perfect way to share Naturespace as a gift via iTunes gift cards. Each track comes with two versions of the same audio: FS (Full-Spectrum) and EO (Earbud Optimized). Please note that the albums on iTunes will not transfer into any Naturespace mobile application. View in iTunes →


Earbud Optimization and Full Spectrum Audio Files on iTunes

Proper reproduction of natural sound typically requires accurate, high-quality headphones. We discovered early on that our recordings lost much of their realism when using earbud-style headphones like the original stock Apple earphones that come with every iPod and iPhone. Since they are by far the most common headphone in use these days, we quickly developed a mastering process that compensated for their particular spectral signature. We did not expect, however, that it would be so effective. 

With this proprietary mastering process, our “Earbud Optimized" tracks accurately reproduce the holographic imaging that is the cornerstone of our recordings over earbud-style headphones. We believe it is the finest reproduction of natural sounds available for the entire earbud family of headphones. When it comes to nature audio and earbuds, this mastering process is a mandatory step in creating a true “being there” experience.

If not listening with earbuds, we recommend listening to the Full Spectrum files.