Helps So Much!

What a beautiful day! I'm sitting outside with my laptop, typing this review with a lake behind me... Whoa! A bird just took off and flew right past my head! Ha ha! Psych! I'm actually inside right now, but the sounds in this app are so realistic that, if I listen long enough, I can almost forget where I really am for a few minutes. It actually seems like I am in the environment that each track portrays. This app is absolutely amazing! I listen to it while going to sleep, to drown out my mom's hard rock music, and it especially helps me when I feel upset. I have a tendency to get scared very easily. For instance, I can't watch horror flicks because, if I do, a particularly shocking and scary scene from that movie will get stuck in my head and play over and over again. However, when that happens, the first thing I do is fire up NatureSpace. The serene sounds in this app are so realistic that, after listening for only a few minutes, my mind is very easily transported to a much safer, calmer place and time where that horror flick can't get me anymore. Just a few moments with NatureSpace takes my mind from frantic and fearful to calm and happy. It's amazing what a little 3d sound can do! I just bought a new track today to add to the huge collection I already have, and I'm looking at the albums you can get from iTunes from the links inside the app. Oh, and I didn't mention that NatureSpace is perfectly accessible with VoiceOver, the iPhone's built-in screen reader for the visually impaired. That's a big, huge plus for me because I'm totally blind, and I can use this app with no problem. Way to go! I would highly recommend this app to anyone, even to those who are not into relaxation apps like I am. Even my mom is hooked on NatureSpace. She can't go to sleep without it. The only suggestion I would make is that it would be nice to have an alarmclock feature. I would love to wake up to the Daybreak Songbirds track while at the same time, being able to use a contrasting track like Rain into Water to help me sleep. Anyway, this is a wonderful app which has found a permanent place on my iPhone.