I Love This App!

Lately I've been really enjoying the rain sounds in this app.also, when the people around us decide to play their heavy bass, some of the sounds mask the base really well. I am so satisfied with this app. This is a really enjoyable app. It's practically the onlyApp I use for relaxation. I like that the different scapes are in stereo. And, I really love the animals and environmental sounds. I'm not so much into the sci-fi and abstract ones, but I think it is neat that they have it available for those who are into that. It's a great app. Keep up the good work. I also really like that this app is really accessible. As a blind person, I love that this app can be used with voiceover seamlessly. Thank you so much and I hope that you keep up the excess ability to.i've told all of my other friends who are blind and low vision about this app. And, my husband, who is also blind, uses this app almost exclusively for relaxation and creativity. Thank you again.