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The sound of morning provides the mind with a sense of vitality and energy, which can be a wonderful catalyst for creativity and a positive outlook. Under headphones, birdsong provides a great sense of spatial imaging and can also be a powerful tool to ease the feeling of being stuck inside. Especially useful in winter, mornings are like light therapy for the ears. Users are cautioned to not play these ambiences too loud, which could turn a lovely avian melody into an annoyance.




Rocky Mountain National Park, 7am, spring. The stream washes through the glen, as a cool breeze descends along its length. Active and spacious, the birds convey nothing but praise for the bounty before them. It must be like a candy world, with delicious gumdrops and jelly beans, just ripe after the morning dew, that dangle from the minty leaves as the lemonade cascades down the cinnamon riverbank. Butterscotch sunflowers drip their nectar onto the frosted ants, who gum up into a crunchy sweetness that goes perfectly with the licorice twiglets that are so copious that they create a carpet on the forest floor. Singing seems the obvious thing to do.



The Secrets of Sunlight


Air and light transfuse into chromatic nectar through a steady synthesis of elements that fill the boundary between earth and space. Katydids, butterflies, and grasshoppers dance and multiply in the post-meridiem glow. The atmosphere is enchanted with color and radiant birdsong as the wandering shadows of the trees and leaves drift slowly eastward across the soft face of the earth. Gentle breezes evolve into rivers of air that stream the starlight silver pollen through their tumbling currents, refracting the sunbeams into motions that caress the flowers and nourish the organic machines of paradise. 

This track is the warmest, most pleasant space ever. The mood is bright and active, but also incredibly spacious and airy. The holographic imaging of the birds, grasshoppers and katydids is spellbinding and immersive. Over speakers, it fills the room with daylight and summer air. Under headphones, the detail of the image is astounding. This track is highly recommended for combating the effects of winter and adding a sense of life to any room. It's very 3D. As usual, it is important to set the volume correctly; playing it too loud will diminish the sense of space and serenity. Start very quietly and raise it from there.



Lucid Morning Meditation


5:45 am, 68 degrees. A warm, foggy morning in the Pacific Northwest near the coast, at the edge of a lagoon that sparkles with waking life. This track is for the advanced listener whose focus is visual imaging in a meditative morning environment. It is light and airy, but has moments of detailed activity. At times, birds fly into the pine tree above you and drop pine cones that land onto the ground with a light thud. Birdsong fluctuates over time, as do the breezes. For the most part, this track is sparse and light; however, due to the dynamic environment of this very long track, some people may be annoyed by the occasional events like close birds and falling pine cones. But this is nature; events come and go. For the individual seeking realism in a morning setting, this is a perfect choice. Best with headphones.



The Crows


7 a.m., Late May, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, 15 feet above the forest floor in a massive oak tree. A small black bear passes underneath, foraging for food. Tugging and pulling, she attracts the attention of a passing crow. Instantly, the alarm is cast out to the family, and an entire murder of crows descend on the scene. The intimidation and harassment sequence is initiated, followed closely by the brazen theft of the bear's lunch. To the bear, this is just another day at the office. She casually moves along the riverbank, hoping to get some peace as she is escorted to the border.

A camouflaged microphone array is suspended in the trees in a gently sloping forest with a stream underneath and a small bubbling waterfall behind and to the left. Hovering above the forest floor gives a great sense of the “below you” activity. When the wind picks up, the massive oak tree makes a knocking sound that reveals its size.

This track is not relaxing in any way. The crows are extremely close at times, within 2 or 3 feet above you, and they are rather aggressive. The Crows is intended for listeners who seek dramatic realism. It is very 3D, and quite in-your-face about it. The bear is totally silent except for the sound of her foraging below. 



Ante Meridiem North


Mid-morning, in a forest near the boundary waters. Birds sing and chirp as they work, and woodpeckers tap into the timber as a gentle breeze wafts through the trees. An active and delightful day ambience.



Hawaiian Morning Chorus


6 A.M., 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Roosters crow in a sea of morning activity. Many birds, dispersed evenly through the trees, begin their day with loud and joyous proclamations, presumably along the lines of “We’re in Hawaii! How great is this?” And the cardinal is like “Yeah, and no snakes!” and the doves are all like “That’s coo.” This is a wonderful morning filled with activity and is a great way to begin the day as an ambience over speakers or with headphones.



Avian Dawn


Ducks, geese, loons, cranes, and several hundred other birds gather in the estuary, nestled into a low fog. The light of the sunrise beams low through the tall grass, and sparkles in the shallow water as the avifauna bathe in the warm morning air. Very busy wildlife, highly active and entertaining.



Morning Pathwalk


A spontaneous morning stroll in slippers and p.j.’s with a cup of coffee. You were simply checking out the temperature when you stepped out of the kitchen, but then you just started walking. The wet grass is possibly going to ruin the slippers, but they are kind of old and you are going into town later anyway, so maybe today is the day to treat yourself a little. *This track includes the sound of footsteps.



Deep Autumn Flight


It’s mostly geese. Honkers fly-by and gurgle and obviously, honk. “And they splish splash in the waddy too,” says baby, smiling so bright. “That’s right, honey,” says Grandpa with a wink. With a strong sense of the season, the cool temperature is felt through the late afternoon winds. Highly 3D with an excellent sense of the various distances. 



Summer Mountain Valley


Focus on the rhythmic interaction of the crickets as they shift in and out of synchronicity. Visualize their positions. Notice the altitude of the distant birds. Next, observe the river in front of you. Initiate freeform creative visualization by imagining the feel of the warm morning sunlight as you wander.



Daybreak Songbirds


A classic morning ambience, dense with song from many different birds; this is a great way to start off the day. Morning doves gently beckon you to awaken, the cardinals are somewhat more insistent. Bright positive air with a strong sense of immersion, this track doesn’t take long to brighten your mind at any point in the day. Great on speakers and headphones.



First Light


The dawn begins and life awakens. The gentle air sparkles with luminous activity and enthusiasm for the opportunities that a new day brings. The hushed and steady breath of a distant river soothes the atmosphere beneath the intensifying warmth of the rising sun. 

This is a soft, light, and airy ambience. For the best experience, do not listen too loud. It is extremely spacious and engaging under headphones, and projects a lovely ambience over speakers. Recommended for use with the Transitions - Wake Timer.




Afternoon ambiences are a great way to add space and brightness to your environment. Birdsong is much lighter than morning, and activity is even and pleasant. The sound of a perfect afternoon can trigger forgotten childhood memories as well as help focus your thoughts while you work without being distracting. Afternoons often work well while reading.


The Ascendancy of the Redwoods


Redwood National Park, California. The sound of crows and jays echo through the forest of the world's tallest trees. Woodpeckers knock into the giant wood, revealing their massive presence. There is an unusually slow, consistent breeze that filters between the trees and swishes softly through the ferns which are so abundant on the forest floor. The crows own this place; even the sound of their wings is huge. Their dominion is evident as they patrol the colossal stands of timber.

This is an incredibly quiet place. It is vast, dynamic, and completely unique, but it is also extremely fragile. Listening too loud betrays the essence of this hushed and tranquil environment. At over 20 minutes, this track features the best moments from over six days of recording.  The amazing acoustics of the Redwoods are best experienced over headphones. The subtle complexity and detail from the nearby foliage contrasts beautifully against the immense sense of height and width of this spectacular natural theater and the vivid trajectories of multiple avian flyovers.





The amber sky darkens as autumn takes its first breath on the day of equal night. The sunset light succumbs to the season and surrenders its supremacy to the evening. Dark, distant clouds absorb massive power from the atmosphere as the gods take form. Their chariots descend on the wind, sending the trees and leaves into a shiver. The branches, dry and cracked from the harsh summer sun, bristle in anticipation as the wildlife hurriedly seeks to gather as much of the leftover abundance as possible. A gentle river washes past as winds blow into the valley and thunder rumbles above. The dry air sublimates the rain into nothingness, taunting the thirsty land watching from below. 

This track is very 3D, has a strong dramatic mood, and is good for stimulating creative thought. It has a wonderful balance of highly detailed sounds close by, clear running water and foliage swishing in the wind across a wide landscape, and deep winds spilling through the valley in the distance. It is long and dynamic with occasional thunder in the distance and overhead, but no rain. 





Rocky Mountain National Park, 2pm, late June. The blue sky reigns majestic over the land, her cool breath carrying notes of pine and cedar into the valley. The ancient sentinels lie down, their peaks cutting into the clouds, signaling the eternal warning that this is sacred land. The idyllic scene plays out with subtle variation in soft shifts between windy and calm. The aviators, keepers of the land, sing in the language of heaven as the woodpeckers conduct the orchestra of the valley. Sublime and embracing, evoking thoughts of eternity and childhood, this track perfectly recreates not only the sound of an afternoon in Rocky Mountain National Park, but the emotion of actually being there. Birdsong is bright and active without being distracting, and you can sense the wind approaching from many miles away as it gently arrives to swirl above you. Under good headphones it is beyond immersive, and can create a truly transcendent experience. 



Sunlight in the Tall Aspen Forest


Colorado, mid-July, 82 degrees, at the secret place on the other side of the ridge, where the Aspen are unusually tall. The purest of winds seduces the trees into a swaying hypnotic rhythm as the thin white columns flex and bend, their delicate green leaves shimmering in the rays of sunshine. The gentle birdsong confirms the sense that here and now, in this exact point in time and space, everything is in harmony and balance (including you).

This track has wonderful height and width, as well as a high degree of detail and imaging from the closest leaves. It is perfect for reading, studying, or meditating, as well as re-connecting with a peaceful mind after a long day. Birdsong is light and distant, not too busy or loud enough to be distracting. The strong vertical axis is only realized under headphones.



The Ultra-Violets


The Ultra-Violets are a metaphor for natural elements that exist at the edge of human perception, both in terms of the frequencies we can perceive, and how far away we can discern detail. The avian wildlife that occurs in the space is meant to pull your attention into the distance as the song of delicate and highly articulate crickets and frogs create an almost luminous soundfield spread evenly across the landscape. It is quite long with subtle variation throughout; warm breezes occasionally wash through the scene as the field ambience slowly changes over time. 

This track works extremely well over all types of speakers, including iPhone and iPad speakers, adding a soft and airy sense of space to any room. But headphones, especially good ones, are where the real imaging and space occurs, just make sure you don't listen too loud. This is a soft, gentle track and too much volume will make it unpleasant. The idea is to listen as quiet as you can and still hear detail. It's anti-loud.



The Cloud Engine


Copious vapor spills out and fills the valleys with clouds as the steam engine converts heat into motion; chugging out horsepower that slowly progresses between a trot and a gallop. The whistle announces the train across many miles and echoes off the valley walls. You are eight cars behind the engine, far enough away for it to occasionally disappear around the turns, and gives a great sense of the serpentine motion along the twisty mountainside rail. You are in an open car; there is no roof, and the sky is blue with big puffy clouds rising into it.

This ride was made specifically for this recording, with the focus being realism. The whistle is very loud, we had to add four more cars to get far enough away from it to be tolerable. It will wake you up if you fall asleep. But if you are awake and looking for some virtual reality, The Cloud Engine is an amazing holographic audio experience. The engineer is a master of the rail and a true virtuoso with the whistle that speaks in expressive tones, in a language similar to an inspired jazz improvisation, reacting to and playing off of the different spaces. So for us it is just as much a performance as it is a ride. This track can take you anywhere you imagine, but we got taken to school. 

The Cloud Engine is a journey, not an ambience. For a more soothing and relaxing ride without the whistle, use its sister track, The Ghost.



Life After Life


rising and falling
like a wave
forever slowly
shifting phase
in and out of the light
tossed about
between day and night
and breathing
and sleeping
and waking
The cycle spins
as the earth spins
as the galaxy twists and twirls
as the universe expands  
with massive explosions
like gamma ray bursts
and giant black holes
swallowing light itself
and entire galaxies
merging around us
Yet, amidst the galactic mayhem, we have
a balmy 76 degree day with light winds...

The light spills red through the trees after a fresh summer rain. Wind occasionally swirls around in the evergreens as the newly moistened trees drip into the forest. The birds are joyous as they sing, sometimes right above you with very close fly-bys and intimate proximity to gentle birdsong. Distant crows proclaim their supremacy, but no one pays any attention to them. The shoreline pulses and soothes with waves of cool water. A strong sense of timelessness and the eternal cycle of life.





A wide, vast pasture with sheep, cows, distant crows and crickets. The open space of the grassland is vivid and clear. This track is especially good at inducing forgotten memories of childhood for those who grew up around agriculture. And for the city mouse, well, it is certainly always nice to visit your cousin. Definitely a beautiful day for it.





A perfect afternoon. Light and airy winds cascade through the trees in the meadow, sparkling with songs of supreme contentment from the birds. An incredibly positive ambience that is great for adding a sense of brightness to whatever you may be doing. Somewhat delicate, it does not mask external noises well, and is best under headphones in a relatively calm space. A couple of close birdsong performances keep things interesting. A strong sense of beauty and natural harmony.



The Forest


Afternoon breezes waft through the tall island pine as the birds go about their day. The absence of man is very noticeable. The peace of an island, filled with gentle songs of serenity. An extremely spacious and pleasant day ambience. 



Hansel and Gretel


Mid-afternoon north woods forest. You become lost... in thought. Every passing idea becomes a breadcrumb that is eaten by the joyous birds who delight in feasting off your mental snack-a-thon. Gentle winds embrace you and try to convince you that this is where you belong. But they are just selfish, and it will be getting dark in a while....



Moosejaw Creek


A lush forest creek winds its way down the mountain across 3 small waterfalls: one to the left and slightly above, one in front of you as you sit, and one farther down on the right and somewhat below you. This track is laced with a delicate balance of sparse activity from a variety of birds. A low wind that occasionally rolls by overhead highlights how tall many of the trees in this old-growth forest are. When played over speakers, it gives the impression that you have left the bathtub running and it's overflowing-- not recommended. Headphones, on the other hand, present a remarkable experience of immersion and believability; it is unique for its space, the time of day it creates, and the inviting nature of the creek that begs for you to drink from it.





Sunlight. The essential and life giving wind of the nearest star bathes the earth in its luminous nutrition. The photons arrive as both particle and wave, moving at the speed limit of the universe. The trees grow as efficient collectors, immersed in an ocean of light. Energy is consumed and transformed into the physical, rendering endless variations of wonderful things like apples and strawberries and oak trees. Even the people convert the nectar of the gods into vitamins. But the people, unlike the apples, are very busy and worry a lot, so it is easy for them to forget this daily miracle. But one simply needs to look up and around to be reminded of the daily blessing of the sun. Thankfulness is most appropriate. 

Cold water flows gently through the orchard as crickets and light birdsong illuminates the space. Soothing, pleasant and spacious on both headphones and speakers alike.




For most of history, night was when human beings relied on sound more than anything else to understand their surroundings. For this reason, evening sound has an unique ability to affect our sense of well being. The impact that a safe, secure, and inviting evening can have is particularly effective at inducing a relaxed state of mind. Under headphones the immersion is spectacular for creating an ideal before-sleep mindset. Over speakers during sleep, the sounds of evening mask external disturbances and fill the sleeping space with an ambience that the subconscious soaks up like a sponge. It's like sugar you sprinkle on your dreams to make them sweeter. And it's zero calories!



It's as if the ground can see the night sky, and is so moved by the vast, shimmering beauty of the galaxy, that it tries to emulate it with sound. The crickets sparkle and chorus like stars in the long dry grass, and the wind carries the breeze through the field, keeping it warm in the post-solar glow of the newly christened evening. A steady ambience that is great both on speakers and headphones alike.






The cold is vanquished. The timber surrenders itself and genuflects beneath the pyrotechnic release of its own mass in the form of light and heat. The sustaining power of its radiant warmth wraps your body and protects you as you take shelter in the absence of the sun. Red-hot embers glow like a tube radio, broadcasting the universe's benevolent intentions as you become spellbound by the primordial, veiled in mortality, and adrift in the eternal.



The Night Aria


11 p.m., late September, under a full moon. Loons perform in a concert of distant divas, whose melodic dramas echo across and haunt the lake. A sublime evening mood pervades the air, as soft crickets and wind enchant the listener. It is a very long track, which allows for plenty of space between loon calls and has a wide variety of them, both spatially and lyrically, which keeps it from feeling repetitive. A chorus of distant frogs comes and goes in waves throughout. This track is extremely 3D and creates a sense of calm and tranquility, while subtlely triggering memories like a forgotten dream. Holographic imaging is delicate, detailed, and immersive under headphones, and creates a soft, room- filling ambience over speakers. A truly beautiful evening.



The Imaginarium


Seductive, wandering shadows of warm moonlight shimmer beneath black velvet clouds that rumble and crack into the invisible sky, randomly flickered and teased with voltage. The trees glow in the electrified air, charged with magic as the rites of summer converge and sweeten into a dark and mystical energy that causes quite a stir. The creatures are fascinated with the forest as the fog snakes its way, like dragon's breath, and envelops the night in its sugary mist.

The air is dense, and there is something moving around you. The occasional feeling of being watched rises surreptitiously like a forgotten dream, a déjà-vu of things yet to come. It has all been foretold, but the story is unclear now, as memories twist into fantasy. Who is the protagonist here? It can't be you, you are just a visitor. But which of these shadows belong to the clandestine, who appear to move this night? And who, dare you ask, are they hunting? 

The premonition tingles your skin just as the rain begins to poke holes in the mist and strike the emerald leaves. The quail are on edge, waiting to take flight en masse at the slightest hint of threat. But you are not one to get nervous so easily; you have more than one trick up your sleeve. Still, it's probably best not to light a fire, there's no need to invite trouble.

This epic track is long, dynamic, constantly changing, and is intended for the advanced listener who seeks the journey. There is a great deal of mysterious wildlife activity. The environment is mostly benevolent and dreamy with consistent thunder and very sparse raindrops, adding a dark and cinematic drama to the narrative. There is a lot of movement going on around you, including near to you, as branches crack under the unknown. Verging on the primordial, yet hauntingly both familiar and strange, this track brings out the brave spirit within you. 

Even if that is a Sasquatch.



The Wolves


It's as if they were watching us, as if they knew what we were thinking. Late one night in Big Sky Montana, we had run low on water and decided to head down to the river, about 10 minutes away on horseback. When we returned, it was clear that we'd had visitors in our campsite. The wolves had descended from the peak, drawn by the amber glow of the fire. Howling and playing by the campfire, we are given a glimpse into the secret world of a wolf pack.


Telescope Lake


The liquid mirror of the lake reflects not only light, but sound as well. Optically, every star glistens with equal brightness to its twin in the sky, but sonics are another story. Infused with Druid magic, Telescope Lake can actually hear the distant sound of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts occurring in the universe, and reproduces their relative amplitudes and positions of each event through the use of frogs. Every frog corresponds to a distant galactic cataclysm, each one having the power of a thousand exploding suns. Edwin Hubble used to fish here, and was stunned to discover that the furthest frogs were moving away faster than the nearer. Nestled in a bed of twinkling crickets, the observer is immersed in an extremely spatial night environment with percussive frogs mapping the galaxy. As with any astronomical endeavor, the observer must take a few minutes to acclimate and dark-adapt to the environment before all the detail can be discerned. As such, the preview will often fail to impart the truly relaxing nature of Telescope Lake. Just make sure to leave before dawn because the sun is quite loud.



The Sentinels


Whippoorwills. Their onomatopoetic song spills into the deciduous, sweeping through the hills like a lighthouse, its beacon turning in radiant circles that penetrate deep into the greenery. Rising and falling and moving around, the sentinels of the forest make their way across the nightscape, progressing from tree to tree until all the evening has heard. Their hypnotic messages twirl and dance in the wind, cascading through the valleys on its warm midnight breath. 

The watcher, the owl, is there in the distance. His night vision is like seeing the future and he wields it with a humble supremacy. 

He has a message. 

"A fury has been detected in the distant air - change is coming. Prepare for its arrival."

And so the sentinels carry forward. Let it be known: this is the calm before the storm.



Campfire Hypnosis


Why is it that fire can induce a trance like nothing else? Is it so deeply embedded into our DNA that we somehow connect with the timeless experience of sitting in front of the fire? Are we tapping into the Akashic, drawing down someone else’s memory like the flame draws in air? Heat radiates outward to warm your face and hands. It is calm now. Quiet. Peaceful. And you are safe.





Deep in a rainforest on the Big Island of Hawaii at sunset, after many hours of hiking through thick vegetation and steep climbs with our gear on our backs, we landed in one of the most serene evenings we've ever witnessed. There is absolutely no wind. The stillness is palpable. The sounds of the forest are subdued but clear and spacious. Some of the birds are extremely far away and give a strong sense of the vastness of the space. It is a rather fragile sound and benefits from a quiet listening environment. A distant bird that sounds like it’s laughing and small sticks that occasionally fall through the forest canopy add detail to the scene. The sound of the crickets are soft, warm and very spacious. The beauty of this track is in its subtle detail and exceptional imaging. It is the most delicate and quiet of all. Listening too loud lessens the realism. Start softly and adjust the volume slowly. Excellent on both speakers and headphones.





The sound of the distant trains push through the thick indigo night, curving and winding along the mountainous landscape as the breezes spill into the valley. The cool mountain air lies like a white velvet blanket over the grass and hushes the crickets. The echoes of the far-away trains shimmer and cascade along the canyon walls as the steady baritone of the engines vibrate the air from ten miles away. 

Serpentine is a real-time ambience of two very distant freight trains passing in the night. One approaches from the right, the other enters on the left. It is not a train sound effect, it is an ambience. A total of four horn events occur evenly across twenty-one minutes of evening. There are gorgeously soft crickets and breezes that provide the stage and lighting against a canyon silhouette whose natural amphitheater architecture creates a spellbinding 3D echo. For anyone whose past holds the sound of trains in the distance, this track will trigger extremely vivid memories; it is quite powerful in that regard. 

Serpentine is heavily influenced by the method of playback; quietly over speakers the engine sounds are soft and subdued with the predominant sound being the crickets and wind interspersed with the horn, which is far away but still quite audible. Under headphones, the ambience is extremely immersive and gentle, with the rumble of the engines steadily present through most of it, and the echo of the distant horn lights up the canyon with wonderful depth and detail.



The Ghost


Passenger perspective on a steam train, mid-summer, Colorado. The Ghost is a descent, which means gravity is the force behind the motion. The steam engine is sonically present, but it is not chugging. You are the only passenger. The sound is primarily the motion of the train down the tracks and the brakes working to control the speed. It's as if the voices of the past are whispering their stories to you as you travel. The Ghost was created to be relaxing and thought provoking, and is a steady ambience with no whistle. The hiss of the steam engine invokes the past, and creates a fantastic experience for the imaginative listener. The inherent risk and danger of traveling by rail, contrasted with its steady and pleasant sound, gives the mind a lot to work with. Amazing under headphones as you progress through valleys, open spaces and over rivers, as well as being great over speakers as an alternative ambience while sleeping or studying.

This ride was done specifically for this recording. It is the sister train track to "The Cloud Engine," and they are intended to compliment each other. The Ghost is the ambient one, and is recommended for all listeners. The Cloud Engine is the full-on ride replete with chugging steam engine and whistle. Both tracks are over ten minutes before they loop, providing a great sense of the ever-changing landscape.



Beneath the Dreaming Trees


Mid-summer night. The pleasant winds spread through the timber above, and pulse in the blanket of long grasses below. A wide variety of trees and soft grass create an inviting and peaceful place to rest in the comfort and safety of the benevolent forest. Best with headphones as the winds swirl above you.





A moonless evening as the end-of-summer winds wash over the forest. Branches occasionally creak while a gentle symphony of crickets induce a hypnosis of night. Highly realistic and ideally balanced close, mid, and distant sounds create a compelling holographic space. Pure, clean, and engaging, this track masks external noise moderately well, and is best on headphones. Works great on earbuds in a quiet room.



Helios Falling


The essence of sunset, distilled into its primary elements of gentle breezes, articulate crickets, katydids, and an owl. This track is one of our favorites; a true evening sound, steady and pure. Works great on both speakers and headphones. For many, this will be a great choice as an ambience to listen to while sleeping.



Rhythms of Circadia


The definitive recording of the quintessential night sound. A perfect blend of crickets softly fills the air and swirls about as their rhythms pulse in waves around you. This is a must-have for anyone desiring an ambience to play over speakers at night as you sleep. An invocation of summer night that is specifically engineered to sound great on just about anything. The crickets seem to appear all over the room. The cyclical patterns of their alternating pitches in correlation to their specific spatial positions pull the listener into the sublime 3D melody. Use it anywhere you wish to make a space more inviting. Great for lessening the cold of the winter or creating a sense of openness. Interestingly, this track often seems to help us quiet any song that gets stuck in our heads.



Star Reflections


North woods lake at night. Soft wind-driven waves push against the land, with a small contingent of crickets behind you. Supremely peaceful but active, the wind keeps the scene alive. Open skies are hidden by the trees above you, but the stars are clearly out in all their splendor, revealed by their reflections on the black water, which is a little too cold to go in. Good thing you brought the chair. Listening too loud lessens the realism.





Multiple murmurations of starlings numbering in the tens of thousands coalesce above the only water for hundreds of miles in the arid high desert. Ducks quack and take off horizontally, their wings slapping the water like applause. Coveys of quail burst from the bushes. The sheer number of starlings in the sky create an undulating liquid smoke that barrels through the atmosphere like a freight train. This track is very long, and is not relaxing in any way; it is complete avian madness. And yet, in the midst of what appears to be total chaos, there is no indication of conflict. 

We have tried for years to capture this amazing natural phenomenon, and are very happy to have finally recorded it. We think it's truly fascinating.



Night at Lake Unknown


Focus on the amount of available light. Is it pitch black, or is it lit by moonlight? Next, consider the air temperature, is it cool, or warm? How about the water? Estimate the distance of the loon. This track was created to induce a sense of night. Useful for jet lag and circadian rhythm re-balancing. 

This is a great choice for use with the Transitions - Sleep Timer for a pleasant ambience while dreaming. Wonderful for vanquishing an uncomfortable silence or masking external disturbances.




You won't hear any umbrella sounds... instead, you are standing in the middle of it all, with nothing between you and the sky. The extremely vivid trajectories of the rolling thunder overhead illuminates the vast sky, and the strikes convey a true sense of the amazing power that nature is working with. Ranging in intensity from pleasant and relaxed to aggressive and scary, each storm functions like many; even the most intense storm is quite soothing and relaxing when listened to softly, but crank it up to the level it would actually be occurring and it's a whole new story, with drama elevated to its highest point in our catalog.




The rain is steady, the air is cool, and you are warm and cozy under a blanket on the covered porch of your grandparent's farmland cottage. Gutters gurgle and thunder rolls above as you relax through the evening storm. This track is extremely long, (currently the longest thunderstorm in the Naturespace catalog), and is entirely pleasant and relaxing.



The Legend of Nikola Tesla


Magician. Inventor. Reclusive showman. This track honors the work, drama, and controversy of the mortal that could wield the lightning bolt: Nikola Tesla.

Gentle rumbles, bombastic explosions, heavy thumpers, spidery overhead crackles, and jigawatt spark-gap zaps whose echoes shatter and spray across the land are inset like arrogant jewels into a beautiful golden rain. This track was created for the true holographic thunderstorm enthusiast. An entire season of strikes is arranged with a naturally dynamic pace across a very long and beautiful rain. Listening loud is appropriate, but use common sense. Fantastic over speakers, unmatched in the entire world over headphones. 



Faraday's Cage


The invaders approach like super-galactic bodybuilders, each one showcasing their might in a parade of thunderous aggressions. Embedded in a draconian supercell that only hours earlier devastated towns with hell-spawned tornadoes, the combative aerial army marches single file above the plains. Their arsenal is unleashed downward into the earth, and the earth fights back with laser beams of electricity shooting high into the heart of the beasts whose charged ions glow green with fury. Bolts of plasma shoot like tracer bullets through the atmosphere, which excites the atoms into a frenzy. The air becomes thick and wet. Your skin begins to tingle and buzz with static. Your body temperature begins to rise slightly as the electrons around you assemble into a Faraday cage. Nothing gets through; lightning, rain, and wind are all held at bay while you ascend into a gravitationally inverted calmness. The conflict before you, this mean-spirited battle, is simply a quest for balance. 

You are the harmonious one, the observer who, simply through the act of seeing and hearing, affects all that is around you. Each blink acts like the wings of a butterfly, causing tiny disturbances that magnify exponentially into the realm of giants. Restoring the balance, it would appear, is up to you. 

This storm is a long and naturally evolving roller coaster ride. The rain takes on many different forms throughout, constantly changing attitudes and direction. Vertical sheets twist into horizontal sprays as a massive amount of water is thrown around like dust in a sandstorm. The winds are extremely dynamic and unpredictable, at times completely dominating the experience. Not to be outdone, the thunder in this track is some of the most intense and vicious we have captured. This is the loudest track in the catalog and not for the timid. 

It is common for us to remind users not to listen to Naturespace too loud because it distorts the realism. Not this time. This is a very loud storm. Use common sense. Don't fall asleep with this raging full-on. At low volume this can be pleasant while reading or working, but at full volume this track is capable of blowing those earbuds right out of your head, so be advised.





The Mighty, God of Thunder, Son of Odin and Mother Earth. Wielding his hammer Mjolnir, his vengeance was meted out with fire in his eyes. But because he did not require human sacrifice in order to honor him, he was loved by the people and seen as a protector and defender against evil. Thursday is named after him. 

The Thundergod tracks are arranged according to intensity and Thor has the most aggressive strikes and can be startling at times. A steady rain is throughout, and all the thunder is fierce. 





The All-Father, God of War. Poetry, magic, prophecy, death, and the hunt were his dominion. He was hung from the world tree, Yggdrasil, while pierced by his own spear for nine days in order to gain the wisdom that would give him his power. Thus, many of the sacrifices to Odin were hanged. Wednesday (Wodin) is named after him.

Odin is in a similar environment to Thor, but doesn't have the startling, out-of-nowhere strikes that make you jump. It is entertaining and fascinating, and many people enjoy this as an ambience for sleeping. Big rumbles and deep growls that roll across the sky make a great place to be while studying or reading. Not too distracting, but definitely not boring either. Rain is steady and mostly ambient.





The Giant, King of the Sea. Worshipped and feared by sailors, he would appear on the surface to take ships, men, and cargo to his hall at the bottom of the ocean. Waves pound against the hull of the ship that creaks slowly as it progresses northward into the storm. Best with good headphones.

Aegir is unique in that it takes place on a giant wooden sailing vessel. The ship creaks as it rolls through the waves, with many large ones breaking over the deck of the ship. Rain and wind are constant, and the motion of the ship is felt as the horizon bobs in and out of view. Thunder is not the main focus here, it is more about the overall experience of being at sea during a storm.





The Trickster, God of Fire, Father of Hel. Loki is a shape-shifter, appearing in animal form to manipulate both men and gods. Known as the originator of deceits, he used his trickery to get the gods into trouble, and again to get them out. Forced into bondage under a venomous snake, his writhing in pain would cause great rumblings of both sky and earth.

Loki is a very unique track, and is a favorite for many. It has almost no rain, with an occasional sprinkle on to the leaves and sometimes into the water below. The environment is a forest bog, with a chorus of frogs and crickets. The thunder is very detailed and articulate. The lack of rain combined with the environmental sounds create a wonderful and magical atmosphere, great for sleeping, studying, reading, or just closing your eyes and getting lost in the scene.




Each individual raindrop, in its own place in space, has the power to stir the memory. Ranging from wet pine trees gently dripping into a cool freshwater lake to a steady urban downpour or a Hawaiian rainforest, rain can be played quietly over speakers for a steady ambience, while under headphones the experience can be a completely immersive drench-fest. Rain is a great way to take the edge off of winter, as well as being a perfect choice for help with focusing the mind while at the computer.


Eternal Reign


The last victory credited to Odin was in 1208. With the passing of Ragnarok - the demise of the gods - all that remains are the stories. And while many deities from across all cultures have been immortalized through myths, none have achieved the status of Thor, God of Thunder.

Eternal Reign is all rain, no thunder. It is a nice, medium density rain that creates a steady ambience without any distractions. It is a forest rain, so the drips are organic and natural, no umbrella, no concrete, just trees and leaves.



Tears of Asgard


Asgard - home of the gods. It was foretold through a prophecy given to Odin that the era of the gods would end in a final battle known as Ragnarok. Before this, fallen warriors would go to Valhalla and prepare to defend Odin and the others. Ultimately though, Thor, Odin, Loki, and most other gods were killed.

Tears of Asgard is all rain, no thunder. This rain is unique because it is raining into a freshwater lake. The water is very cold. Soft, delicate, and pleasant, it has a nice blend of close, mid, and far away sound, creating a nice holographic immersion.





October 10th, 6 miles in, on the single-track that wanders east. Only 15 minutes earlier, the sky was clear blue with warm, early afternoon sunlight. But in a matter of minutes, a cold front pushes through carrying the fresh smell of rain in the air. So we turn back and go to the small shelter we had just passed moments ago. The timing was perfect.

There is a magical simplicity to being stuck in a downpour. There’s just something about being forced to sit... and wait... for it to stop. Living in cities and towns means that for the most part, we do not get stuck in downpours very often. We usually just get a little wet going from the car to the house. But being out in the wild, especially in the mountains, it happens almost every day. And each time it happens it forces you to find a dry spot (if you can) and just sit down and watch the amazing event that is the cycle of water. Rain is life. Nature is the boss. And here you are. 

This track has some unique characteristics due to the presence of a roof without walls. It results in a listening experience that has most of the sonic activity in the mid-field and far-field. Having no raindrops close to you feels different; it's softer and more ambient. You can sense the shelter and the way the rain spills off the roof into puddles. The ground quickly became over-saturated.

Another aspect that makes this track unique is the quick onset of rain on previously dry land and the cooling that is occurring in the air. Because sound travels through the air, this thermal-transitioning air mass affects the sonics; you can almost hear the temperature dropping. So the emphasis of this track is focused around the detailed mood and feel of the environment. It is steady and even with nothing to distract you, so it works great for studying and focusing on work as well as a reliable ambience for sleeping. It is very spacious under headphones.



Liquid Sunshine


Soft and airy, the rain falls into the forest and drips on the leaves, branches, and fallen logs of the woods. A truly beautiful rain with the steady presence of gentle thunder. Extremely detailed and pleasant, this track is very long, providing for a wealth of little details that come and go in the form of various drips and rhythms, in addition to several well-spaced thunder rumbles. Spectacular with good headphones, and also great over speakers. This is an excellent choice for those who like to sleep to the sound of rain. Listening too loud, however, will change the character from soft and airy to harsh and edgy so be mindful of the volume. This is a gentle rain. The sun breaks through occasionally and a bright rainbow appears.



Camping in the Rain


The day's plans are put on hold, and that’s just fine with you. A long and dynamic track that goes from mellow to moderately in tents.



Fahrenheit 33


Falling through the sublime atmosphere, the liquid hardens into crystal. The diamond rain strafes the canvas of late autumn as winter takes a primal breath, inhaling the warmth off the trees in large gusts through the forest. Vapor rises off the frost-entangled pine needles and then falls as droplets above the still lake water. Ice angels form on the forgotten leaves in the frozen mist. The precipice between water and ice dances through the air, causing all the water to phase shift, back and forth in waves from the early afternoon and well into the night. 

This track faithfully reproduces the moment of an atmosphere on the edge. The temperature, which is just below 33F, 0.01C, is also known as the triple-point of water, where the three phases co-exist in a thermodynamic equilibrium. The delicate sound of frozen rain on dry leaves by a cold lake creates a very unique ambience. Wind, water and ice are heard; the trees collect the fog and drip into the water as the dry rain cascades through the canopy above and across the forest floor. Having all three phases of water present allows this track to seem warm if you are cold, and chilly if you are hot. Listened to quietly it is quite pleasant and spacious with a great amount of articulate detail. Use this track to add a sense of dimension to an otherwise quiet space while you work or study.



The Umbrella


Every drop that strikes the canvas fires a synapse in the brain, connected to a distant memory. This one from your childhood in your back yard, that one from the time you waited for your dad to pick you up, another from a lost day of golf. The Umbrella is like a movie screen for the projector in your mind to cast its imagery on, using scenes from your memories and experiences. Steady, warm and inviting, this track is excellent for studying, reading, sleeping, and traveling.



The Cloud Forest


Entangled, the vapor scrapes against the trees, making them wet. Like a ghost, the breeze hangs still, and the forest begins to shed its newly claimed water into the long green grass below. It’s not actually raining, just dripping, which is extremely relaxing, and you can hear the birds discuss the fortuitous arrival of the cloud du jour. Strong 3D holographic imaging as the drips fall on to the leaves. 



Back Home


A nice solid drenching in a suburban environment. A micro-deluge spills from the downspout, and rain splashes on the concrete and pings the metal patio furniture. Warm but not humid air makes it pleasant to stand in. Wind is at a minimum. Some very distant thunder is present. While it is a suburban environment, there are no cars or voices, just rain.



Treehouse Rain


A warm end-of-summer rain while perched in a treehouse. The rain moves in curtains and sheets through the trees and on to the rails and deck of the wooden lookout. Bordering on torrential at times, this dynamic rain's intensity changes throughout. The sound is predominantly overhead in the trees. A wind is sometimes felt but not heard. Distant thunder is pleasant.



Soft Forest Rain


A gentle, steady rain with primarily small raindrops. A strong sense of summer as the density of the rain reveals the canopy of leaves above you. Best played quietly with headphones or speakers.



Rain Into Water


Focus on the vertical; water is falling into the lake, but also hitting leaves and foliage above and behind you. Next, examine the width of the shoreline as the water drips along the edge of the lake. The water into the lake is constant, the dripping onto leaves from above and the splashy little fish are sporadic. Crickets are entirely behind and above as the land slopes down to the water.



The Indigo Raindrop


The frogs, the keepers of the shoreline, sing at the nexus of water and land. They monitor all aspects of their environment, and chorus together as a biotic telegraph, communicating the conditions into the ether…

 “We need more blue. The lake is looking a bit grey and the moonlight has been lacking shimmer in the grasses. The flowers have requested the Indigo Raindrop.” 

Unfailingly, the ether responds and sends forth its most mystical color into the night winds who assemble it into a tangle of soft and dark vapor that builds above the lake. And in an instant, the gravity of the cloud collapses and recoils with liquid iridescence that spills like a sublime dye across the midnight landscape.

Soft rain spills into the fresh water and strikes the leaves who shelter you, providing spectacular sonic immersion under headphones. It also projects a calming atmosphere over speakers. A good choice for an ambience while sleeping as well as expanding the sense of space in small or confining rooms.




The Island category is an array of tracks whose focus is isolation and solitude. The "Shipwrecked" tracks create an implied narrative that allows you to explore the island at your own pace. The "Sanctuary Island" tracks are further focused on avian life. Having a group of tracks that are geographically related allows for a more comprehensive experience of being alone in an island environment. 


Sailing (Prologue)


Sailing on a 40-foot boat in medium seas as the wind begins to fade but the waves persist. Waves are modest, with the occasional heavy splash against the fiberglass hull. The sails ripple and thwap above you, the rigging clicks and clangs. Steady as she goes...


The Beach


You wake up on a deserted island beach. How did you get here? The water is very warm. A gentle breeze blows into the forest behind you. Slowly, memory starts filling in; you have vague images of getting caught on a reef, the ship slowly grinding itself into the sea. Abandoning to the life raft with everything you can fit on board, you escaped to this island. The beauty here is spellbinding and mysterious. The emerald water is inviting. A refreshing morning at the shoreline with steady waves and a quiet breeze. 




The warm, steady, offshore breeze blows strongly into the palm trees above as you rest under the light of the full moon. The stars and moon sparkle in the deep black water. An extremely relaxing night on the beach; the subtle shifts in the wind add a powerful realism to the scene. This wind can exist for weeks at a time in the islands, and it's great for masking external noise.



The Dive


A classic Naturespace journey... underwater. This track is very long and goes through many changing environments. The breathing of the divers becomes hypnotic as you traverse the infinite blue landscape of the submariner. You are left in the surf before the journey begins again.


The Forest


Afternoon breezes waft through the tall island pine as the birds go about their day. The absence of man is very noticeable. The peace of an island, filled with gentle songs of serenity. An extremely spacious and pleasant day ambience. 


The Search


A rafting trip on the life raft that got you safely to shore. You explore a river flowing toward the center of the island. It is a beautiful tropical day as you gently row along with the swift, calm current. The sound of the oars as they dip into the river are set against a constantly shifting ambience of wind and light bird activity. The boat does not always move straight forward, it turns and drifts sideways and backwards. It is a relaxing journey best experienced on headphones.


The Secret


Upon arriving at the island’s center, much later than planned, you come across something you never expected. Only two things could be responsible for this - aliens, or the military. But the luminescing flora and biotic machinery are just too pretty to be military...

The moonlight is hidden by the dense canopy, whose fractal veins glow and pulse with organic light. 


Sanctuary Island - North


Transcending the limits of the individual, birdsong is not just a singular melody, but many interacting melodies that move and evolve through the space of the forest. Hundreds of birds sing to each other in praise of the bountiful earth, as a small creek washes past in the distance.


Sanctuary Island - East


In the sheltering forest of a forgotten island, the perpetual cycle of life in the trees plays out in full splendor, and you are the invisible observer. Hundreds of birds call and fly about as the living forest manifests itself through infinite forms.  An extremely calm day with no wind allows us to hear deep into the forest. A fascinating glimpse into a pristine ecosystem.


Sanctuary Island - South


Strong, warm southerly winds push into the forest and fade to calm, as a contingent of I’iwi birds proudly perform for you. Extremely holographic imaging creates a very convincing “being there” experience, with birds that come right up to you so you don’t miss anything. This is a very dynamic track best listened to under good headphones. A great choice for sharpening your creative visualization skills. Don’t get lost, though; it’s deep in here.


Sanctuary Island - West


Precision birdsong performed with utter virtuosity in the calm Hawaiian island forest. Highly articulate, the calls bounce back and forth in the close canopy. Spectacular spatial imaging and placement of the individual birds create a wonderful holographic experience. Thought provoking bird calls from all directions.


The Cloud Forest


Entangled, the vapor scrapes against the trees, making them wet. Like a ghost, the breeze hangs still, and the forest begins to shed its newly claimed water into the long green grass below. It’s not actually raining, just dripping, which is extremely relaxing, and you can hear the birds discuss the fortuitous arrival of the cloud du jour. Strong 3D holographic imaging as the drips fall on to the leaves. 


The Exponential Coqui


The Coqui, a tree frog that has invaded Hawaii, is a controversial species. Their call, which is a “ko” followed by a “kee”, hence the name coqui, has all but eliminated the quiet that used to exist at night in some places. But for many, its song is fascinating, thought-provoking, and hypnotic. The coqui number in the thousands in this recording, which is augmented with a layer of coqui slowed down for its effect on the mood and fullness of the space. The ping-ponging of the calls across the forest tickle the brain under headphones, and makes a great ambience when played over speakers.




The sound of wind is best experienced under headphones, where the vertical axis is accurately reproduced. The breezes wash through the trees above and convey a sense of height and depth like nothing else. In addition, while the winter winds can have an immediate cooling effect, the summer winds do the opposite. Both are relaxing in their own ways. Due to the strong sense of height, listeners who are lying down can easily forget where they are since the recordings are from a standing perspective. This contextual shift creates an opportunity for an amazing holographic experience, disconnecting the listener from reality and inducing a waking dream state. Wind is also great for reading or studying.




Wind with gusts up to 60 mph blow across the frozen lake into the trees which still have a few dry leaves clinging to them. It is bitterly cold. The falling snow is not soft, it is sharp, almost like sand, and it blows laterally across the frozen forest floor. The sound of the snow hitting the trees, leaves and ground is crisp and clear.



Riding the Thermals


Wind with gusts up to 60 mph blow across the frozen lake into the trees which still have a few dry leaves clinging to them. It is bitterly cold. The falling snow is not soft, it is sharp, almost like sand, and it blows laterally across the frozen forest floor. The sound of the snow hitting the trees, leaves and ground is crisp and clear.



Hiding in the Near Field


Winds waft and wander through the tall field as you stand there unseen. The leaves and grasses are at least a foot taller than you and rattle softly as the breezes pass through. This is an extremely relaxing sound that highlights the wind, which is soft and warm. The leaves and branches of the field give wonderful 3D imaging under headphones, and convey the pleasantness of the environment. You can easily get lost in here. The clock slows, thoughts open up, and stress fades under the timeless blue sky.



Ice Wind


Wickedly cold winter wind pulses in waves through the barren, ice-covered trees as they reluctantly crack and sway. Wind chills as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. A blanket of snow and ice covers the ground, making its unique sonic presence felt but not heard. For as cold and harsh as this scene is, it is surprisingly relaxing. Fantastic to listen to in the summer heat, and serves as a great motivator to buy that snowblower in the off-season, when they are cheaper. This track can actually make you feel colder.



Beneath the Dreaming Trees


Mid-summer night. The pleasant winds spread through the timber above, and pulse in the blanket of long grasses below. A wide variety of trees and soft grass create an inviting and peaceful place to rest in the comfort and safety of the benevolent forest. Best with headphones as the winds swirl above you.





Wind comes tumbling down the mountainside like giant boulders rolling downhill. The trees chorus in unison as the community of leaves all surrender their individual voices to become one voice, the voice of the wind, which in and of itself is silent. It needs a partner to make sound. The trees are all too happy to give themselves, to be the instrument of their favorite song. What was a rather intense and dynamic wind is quite pleasant when listened to softly. There are no other sounds except the wind in the trees. Perfect for adding a nice sense of outdoor space while reading. Possibly too dynamic for sleeping. Best on headphones.





A moonless evening as the end-of-summer winds wash over the forest. Branches occasionally creak while a gentle symphony of crickets induce a hypnosis of night. Highly realistic and ideally balanced close, mid, and distant sounds create a compelling holographic space. Pure, clean, and engaging, this track masks external noise moderately well and is best on headphones. Works great on earbuds in a quiet room.



Shadow Valley


Large winds push through the tall pines and swirl around the valley. A small creek gently bubbles nearby. This is a sunset wind; the atmosphere is rapidly cooling beneath the fading heat of the sun, sending the evening zephyrs upon their course through the woodland. 


Across the Vast Valley


Deep, low, swirling alpine winds in the distance with sparse birds. Be careful not to listen too loud; this is a quiet place. This track highlights the vast space in the valley. Virtually free of echo, the birds are neatly tucked into the gentle roar of the wind. With literally nothing in the near or mid field, this sound is all distance. Focus on the largeness of the space, and how slowly the winds shift from left to right.



Amber Aspen Wind


Gusty winds pulse through a mid-autumn forest of Aspen trees, caressing the red and yellow leaves. Light crickets are counterpoint to the soft breezes that waft about overhead in the thin, dry rustling of the Aspen. This track is almost exclusively wind with few birds.



Solitude Canyon


The winds spill into the canyon and swirl slowly around you, occasionally rustling the sparse foliage in the dry riverbed. It’s been a very dry summer; the birds and crickets are all quiet, so this track is primarily wind. Excellent for reading, thinking, and focusing. In general, reproducing wind works better over headphones than it does on speakers. Sounds great on earbuds.




The sound of waves on a shoreline are some of the most relaxing sounds the planet has to offer. The inherently horizontal soundfield makes it a great choice for listening over speakers and the constant wave action is a perfect way to naturally mask external noises while working or sleeping. Headphone listeners who have also spent time at the shore will quickly find themselves basking in the glow of memories made vivid through holographic sonic imaging. Additionally, waves are particularly beneficial while flying on a plane.


Cumulus Aquae


The infinite exhale of wind and waves pushes against the land with massive energy. Water, air and sunlight mix and glisten white where they meet, as the wind snatches micro-droplets from the chaotic clouds of water and hurls them on a high speed ride above the surface before sending them back into the turbulent sea. Steady and unrelenting, the sound dominates the atmosphere as you lean into the wind.

This is a very unique and flexible track whose qualities depend upon how you play it. Over speakers, it perfectly re-creates the ambience of sleeping by the ocean. Quietly under headphones, it is a soothing and relaxing space of soft, diffuse washes of sound and very little detail from the waves. Played loudly, it is intense and best captures the actual reality of the scene, which had a strong and steady offshore wind. This track is extremely effective at masking external sounds and distractions; it is very consistent with nothing to pull your attention away from what you are doing, be it studying, working at a computer, or sleeping. It's one of nature's finest versions of white noise, and a lot better than using a fan to create an ambience in a room that is too quiet or to camouflage your partner's snoring.



The Liquid Phase


From nearly total silence, to the building wave, to its wash onto the land, and into a retreat that leaves you hanging in the nearly total silence again, the effects of this sound on the mind are amazing. This is also a wonderful choice for an ocean sound over speakers. Truly magical and very psychedelic, it is a pristine, unaltered recording made with the world’s finest microphones and recorders at exactly the right moment in space and time. An hour later and it had changed completely. We are left in a state of awe every time we hear it.  



The Dreaming Phase


A counterpart to The Liquid Phase, this track was recorded in the same place, but many hours later, and with different microphone techniques. There is a much stronger sense of the retreat of the wave back into the sea as thousands of rocks tumble around in the huge surf. It is hypnotic and highly visual as the swells build and collapse, stretching right up to your bare feet. A big powerful sound that is very pleasant, this track is best listened to with headphones. For speakers, we recommend The Liquid Phase instead.



Black Sand Beach


The crimson-blue Pacific ocean washes steadily onto the coarse, black, volcanic sand. Waves terminate with a uniquely lovely fizz not heard from the fine white sand of most beaches. As with most oceans, when listened to quietly it is very relaxing and spacious. Progressively louder listening levels create more intensity and increases proximity. Good for masking external noise.



Sun Falling Into Water


A highly detailed and vivid shoreline as you sit right at the edge of the water. The dark black waves occasionally reach your toes, but no farther. The water is very cold; the air is sweet and fresh. There are thin veils of fog that shimmer over the water in the filtered evening light. This track is very long, and one of our most articulate and detailed captures of an ocean shoreline to date. A strong sense of width supports an intricate wavecrash closer and in front. The waves break with authority on the wet sand; it is both dynamic and immersive. Amazing realism while listening over speakers as well as headphones. Try it in the car! Now it's a boat! 



The Beckoning Ocean


Pushed and pulled by the winds and the moon, infinite iterations of pulsing energy terminate on the land. The spectral wash of the tides reach and spread across the mind as the beckoning ocean calls to you, longing for you to join with the wave, so she may embrace you as she does with all things that enter her.

Recorded entirely on the Gulf of Mexico, from the Florida panhandle, all the way to the Keys. 33 different wave patterns are woven together in concert with tonal textures that underscore the mood and drama that is the open ocean. A brief appearance of an operatic soprano vocalist symbolizes the call of the mythical Sirens of the Odyssey.





There's nothing like getting away from the grip of winter and basking in the sun on the beach. The ocean waves are steady and lush, and at the request of many Naturespace fans, includes the sound of distant seagulls. Fabulous on both speakers and headphones. For an extra dose of realism in the winter try putting on a dab of suntan lotion and stand in a sunlit window. It really works.



Mare Tranquillitatis


The waves rise up and spill onto the shoreline as subdivided clones of their parent form, dispersing their fractal iterations into the crevices of the beach. Each wave is divided into smaller and smaller waves, and as they do so, the detail of the scene emerges with greater and deeper resolution. The imaging fills in, the colors saturate, and the landscape becomes known. Once the structure of the environment is rendered, the alchemy begins.

There is a magic here, in this hidden secret cove. Maybe it has something to do with what the birds are doing, maybe it's something about the air that their song is carried upon, but whatever it is, there is an ethereal harmony, a spellbinding balance. It is a place where time, temperature, and the elements all converge in absolute perfection, gently celebrated by all who reside here, and whose free-flowing tranquility sparkles in the mind of all who visit.

This is a very delicate sound of gentle waves and distant birds. It is very 3D and quite long with subtle variation in the wave patterns throughout. Listening too loud distorts the image and inflates the ambience in a negative way. Listeners are advised to start quietly and raise the volume from there.



Tide Pools

Large waves break on the rocks 50 feet in front of you as you sit at the perimeter of the shallow tide pools, which are occasionally injected with fresh sea water when the waves break over the wall of rocks. The large breaking waves are distant, and the tide pools are close and delicate. A pattern emerges; as a large wave breaks it is followed four seconds later by a little wave that was cast across the tide pool. An interesting perspective that contrasts the vast power and scale of the open ocean with the smaller micro-world of the tide pools. This track is quite dynamic and a great creative visualization exercise.



Imminent Wavefront


Soft and dense, this is Pacific ocean on white sand. Perspective is further back than most, providing a more gentle experience of an otherwise large set of waves that curl and roll along the wide beach. An airy fizz is often present, like a freshly poured glass of ice cold soda, but bigger. Waves are constant, but each one is unique and they are unpredictable in their rhythm. There is a steady, silent breeze.



Tempest Landing


The sea rises and bears down on the rocks with fury. You are trapped on the jagged shore, unable to climb out. The wall behind you is 60 feet of treacherous vertical rock. Going into the water is instant death, you would immediately be cut to ribbons by the vicious sharp stone. The swells keep getting closer. Your fate is in the hands of nature now. May she be benevolent and have mercy on you (if she even sees you down there, she does seem awfully busy). All of us here at Naturespace are pulling for you. Good luck! Excellent over speakers! (and headphones, of course.)



Low Sodium


The clean, clear freshwater waves of Lake Michigan's northwest shore. Strong left-to-right waves enter the bay and roll across a shoreline made entirely of smooth stones. The absence of fizz due to a lack of saline is replaced by a gentle bubbling as the water quickly seeps between the rocks. The water is cold. Nice on a hot day like today.



Walk to the Beach


A perpetual walk to the beach, with a distant surf ambience, soft crickets, and light gusts of wind. The dirt path is mostly fine sand and small pebbles, and you are wearing a pair of running shoes. Under headphones, it can kick-start the dreaming stage and yield some very interesting moments. *This track includes the sound of footsteps.



Midnight Tide


Each wave makes progress as the moon pulls the water nearer to you. Midnight’s full moon glows in the foam. Gentle waves close and wide with no distant roar, this is a calm, warm, evening shoreline. Listen quietly for a relaxing experience, louder for more intensity.



Reef Breakers and Slow Fizz


Morning winds blow humid air as the waves break over the reef 200 yards offshore. Sitting so the long stretching waves may sometimes reach you and fizz around you, your day begins with porpoise. A gentle shoreline with a nice close fizz and a distant roar. Best with headphones.



Infinite Shoreline


For use while meditating, focus on the motion of a singular wave, as it approaches from the right and washes leftward. See how long you can follow the wave after it passes by. Imagine the feel of the sand on your bare feet.

The extreme horizontal sound field of this track makes it a great choice for flight travel. The implied space relieves tension by providing the mind with a strong sense of being outside. It is also a good choice for focused, thought-oriented tasks like  computing because it does not distract.




The steady sound of a river is perfect for masking external noise, and because it is a primarily horizontal soundfield, it works great over speakers. Headphone users will enjoy the detailed imaging all across its length, creating a wide, consistent space to relax in. The subtle traits of each river slowly emerge in greater levels of detail as the listener becomes acclimated and immersed in the environment. Rivers are a great choice for a background ambience while sleeping.


Stream of Consciousness


The subtle and random gurgling of water going around a large slippery rock is the anchor of the ambience of moving water that surrounds you. Incredibly pleasant and inviting, the mood this river creates is one of contentment and peace. It is truly lovely from a strictly sonic perspective; the depth of the gurgle and the airy sparkle of the water makes for a perfectly balanced sound. No birds, wind or crickets, just the enchanting music of pure water flowing.



Cascadia River


Medium waterfall slightly above and to the left, with a steady run-off on the right. Mid to near proximity, depending on how loud you are listening. This is a pure riverbank perspective of exclusively river water, no birds or wind. Good for masking external noise on either speakers or headphones.



White Water Fall


Massive waterfall, dangerously close but not unpleasant. The sheer volume of water that passes every second is so large that it is a constant roar with just a little detail coming from only the very closest sections; all other detail is swallowed whole by the collective rush. There is no better sound for masking external noise. (Noise masking in this context is the act of obscuring an unwanted sound with another more agreeable sound) Many of the “sleep machines” available in stores generate an electronic variant of this sound, known as white noise. White noise is a sound that contains an even balance of all frequencies in the audio spectrum, similar to a radio tuned between stations, and is known for its noise-masking properties. The rushing of a waterfall is the natural form.



Idyllica Tremens


This environment is so perfect, that you may actually suffer withdrawal afterwards. A gentle creek bubbles in front of you and is a tributary to a river 40 feet away and on your right. Several soft crickets pulse, and a few birds move lightly through the scene. This is a delicate environment and is best listened to in a quiet place, as it does not mask external noises well. Adds a strong sense of springtime to whatever you are doing. Great for studying or reading. Headphones, earbuds and speakers all work well.



Riverbank Trance


A clean cool river rushing past; the sound field is dominated by lush waters, simultaneously delicate and forceful, articulate and steady in its progression through the valley. Bears come here to drink and to eat the plentiful fish and recording engineers. Excellent for masking external noise and is best heard with headphones.





Cool rivers wash and swirl around you, calming you, soothing your brain. The space that is outlined by the slowly drifting waters expand and widen your sense of horizon and depth, while gently washing your thinking engine with cool mountain spring water. Best under headphones, great on earbuds.





Born from a mythical rainstorm 450 years ago, the streams come together and twist and swirl as you travel between them in a figure eight. A perpetual, stand-alone riverknot that weaves through your mind and refreshes you with its liquid ambrosia. Soft and pleasant, good for masking external noise. Best on headphones or quietly over speakers. Listening too loud lessens the realism.




The Abstract and Sci-Fi categories are the only categories with musical tonalities and rhythm; all other categories are pure nature. The abstract category is where our purist rules are put to the side, and we explore creative and experimental techniques and ideas inspired by sonic holographic imaging. The use of harmony and dissonance to create tension and release augments 3D outdoor spaces to provide a more subjective, meaningful, and emotional experience. The combination of chordal relationships, tribal rhythm and holographic imaging can be a potent and profound tool for those people looking to travel further.


The Astral Garden


The meditation begins quickly as the blue light scatters through the slow ether. Saturated by the twilight of another dimension, space and time warp around the extra axis, playfully following its arc. The contours reveal the cloak; a fabric of gravity and mass that commits the mind to the temporal. 

But the mind is forever unbound and free to explore. In fact, we cannot live without wandering the ethereal garden of the mind, outside of time. All humans dream, and are regularly cast into its luminous realm to play out our deepest thoughts. 

This is the place between those two worlds. It is a bridge between the waking, conscious mind and the timeless perspective of the subconscious dreamer. It is a place for the distillation and purification of thought, where both viewpoints are seen. Long bell tones ring deep into the forested glen as soft, articulate crickets and gentle birdsong provide high resolution detail to the space. Asynchronous tintinnabulations intertwined with equal parts day and night ambience work to create a new mental rhythm that allows ideas to flow smoothly, one thought at a time. That is the goal; to turn a flood of ideas into a pleasant stream of focused thought. 

This track makes a great ambience over speakers in addition to being a powerful meditation catalyst over headphones. It is especially recommended for individuals who have tried meditation but failed to achieve their goal. For those who are accustomed to meditation, this track will accelerate the ascension and prolong its effects afterward.



Saga of the Moonflowers


The benevolent ghost of the forest ascends. Her mysticism radiates outward and illuminates the wood. She is merely gazing out of the window of her mind, into the trees and fields of moonflowers who grow as the fragile fighters, the delicate warriors who seek that most subtle and sublime attention from the light of the moon. Their shadows wrap around the light, keeping the blue-white ghost of the moon warm in their earthly embrace. Such a delicate balance. Such desire for life. Their gratitude is reflected with simplicity and serenity as they bow beneath her.

Delicate piano melodies performed in a large cathedral intertwine with an ever-shifting background of major and minor, inset into the loveliest field of night-time crickets ever. The occasional soft splashes of jumping fish reveal the lake. Wonderful over speakers and headphones alike.



Shaman Vs Goddess


After a three day trek into the jungle, you finally arrive only to find the tribe scattered and quite busy. Its not until after you show them you have brought medicine for the children that they notice you. Quickly they explain that you have come at the wrong time; the Goddess is coming to transform the land. She is a force of nature, neither good nor evil, and she is indiscriminate in how she moves across the earth, changing all that encounter her. In return for the kindness you have shown by bringing medicine, they summon the 5 Shaman in order to cast a protection spell around you and to defend you when she comes. 

The spell is cast, and all goes quiet. But not for long....

This track is best played loud on good headphones.





The rhythms of the invisible shaman. The whispers of the sorcerer. The trance. Fertility is given to those who engage the spirit world, those who can connect to the aether. And when the spirit comes, you will know it. The power of the mind, the power of the shaman... the animal world, the spirit world... all the same... all connected. It is the disconnection that is the illusion, and truth is its undoing. This track is performed with hand drums, percussion, and rhythmic whispers. Not recommended for people who are easily frightened.





Occurring since the beginning of human existence, and continuing through all of history, Union not only joins two individuals, but binds all of mankind together as the one experience common to all. And for many, it is the experience of Union that forms our most enlightened moments. It is through this Union that life begets life. It is through this Union that we come to know ourselves as more than just our selves. 

This track was made by digitally merging a chordal suspension of tonalites with the ocean. We use the natural rhythms of ocean waves and bond them to chordal relationships which create soft, organic, shifting, pulsing tensions that celebrate the unity of two human beings. Holographic wind chimes, chorusing across many points in space, symbolize the idea that the Union is greater than the sum of it's parts. A single note alone conveys no feeling, it takes two notes to create harmony. 

You are encouraged to focus your attention on the well-being of others. This thinking reflects itself back into the mind, returning all your outward-reaching thoughts of benevolence and happiness inward, through the mist of the love that others have for you.





Run into a river and get gently swept downstream. Drift past deep gurgles, swirling whirlpools and cascading, delicious waterfalls. Float into the shallows, stand waist deep, and walk to the riverbank. You notice the cool air, dive back in and get gently swept downstream again...

A full-on journey, swimming while progressing down a river with the environment changing all around. Brief moments of abstract tonalities create a dream-like experience, and occasional breaths from the swimmer add to the realism. This track is amazing for creative visualization, but probably changes too much to be used as a background ambience over speakers. Best listened to with headphones for the deepest immersion.



The World Is New


Guided by spoken words, we wander through the trees, along the wind, into the sky, step outside of linear time, and look within. Holographic natural events and surroundings are arranged to support a narrative that is designed to awaken the nature within us all. Relaxing and positive.



Zen Wind and Water


Precisely tuned bells and wind chimes articulate and twist in a pine forest as a new wind brings warmth beneath the sun, leaving us with the bells and chimes still ringing and resonating from the late morning breezes.



Newton Under Tree


“Why do I not simply float away? Clearly, I am held here by more than fascination alone.” 

An idyllic afternoon ambience of a gentle stream and lovely birdsong is braided and intertwined with a musical and rhythmic tonality that is excellent for creating a positive mindset while you enjoy your Apple. A great catalyst for ideas and supporting a focused perspective. Works well on both speakers and headphones. Also good for quieting a song that is stuck in your head.



The Beckoning Ocean


Pushed and pulled by the winds and the moon, infinite iterations of pulsing energy terminate on the land. The spectral wash of the tides reach and spread across the mind as the beckoning ocean calls to you, longing for you to join with the wave, so she may embrace you as she does with all things that enter her.

Recorded entirely on the Gulf of Mexico, from the Florida panhandle, all the way to the Keys. 33 different wave patterns are woven together in concert with tonal textures that underscore the mood and drama that is the open ocean. A brief appearance of an operatic soprano vocalist symbolizes the call of the mythical Sirens of the Odyssey.



Zen Riverbell


Long, deep, low bell strikes and sparse chimes infused with winding river pathways induce a meditative state that spills into the mind. Cyclical and hypnotic, the low tones require headphones or speakers that reproduce low bass. A subwoofer fills the room with sound. Don’t listen too loud, the realism is lessened. Low listening levels only.



Astral Premonition


Opulent drones and lush synthesis, supported by a spatially oscillating tabla rhythm, inset into a bed of evening ambience; very meditative for those who like an ethereal film-scoring feel folded into space, the Naturespace way. Good for studying or concentrating, excellent at masking external noise.



The Sedona Triangle


Mid-spring, Cathedral Rock vortex in Sedona Arizona. This track is comprised of sounds from 3 locations positioned in an equilateral triangle around the vortex. The first location is in motion, slowly exploring the river. The second location is underneath a line of trees with soft crickets and an occasional breeze. The third location is in open space with many birds passing through and bathing in a nearby puddle. These three spaces are layered and woven together, with the focus shifting in emphasis between them in a steady cycle, but they all remain present to some degree at all times. The cycle becomes hypnotic and is held together by a softly shimmering tonality similar to the track Riverwind Dreaming. This is a classic Naturespace abstract, and is very effective at creating a positive mood. A strong sense of daytime throughout. Excellent on both speakers and headphones.



Riverwind Dreaming


Focus on the height of the wind in the trees, in contrast to the height of the waterflow. Examine the pathways of the water’s slow motions left and right. Focus on the natural sounds, divert attention from the tonalities, which are there to stimulate the subconscious. Stress is washed away by the water and wind.




The mind does not require land to journey upon. In fact, floating is entirely likely. But is the mind-journey strictly one of solitude? Is it possible that in the realm of thought, that one can be more than alone? Can it be that the lone perceiver is a myth? That there are others? And if so, then who? Certainly beings accustomed to floating, and accustomed to the mind, in isolation, free to imagine other worlds. And if it is true, can the perceiver, the traveler, really even know which thoughts are their own? For if they can join you here, then they can likely hear your mind. And if they can hear your mind, who is to say that they can not use it to speak their thoughts? When the line is blurred between beings from across the galaxy, it is then that you will know. And by then it will be too late to turn back. 


The Watcher of Apollo


July 20th, 1969. You are an alien observer in orbit around the moon at the moment of the first lunar landing. Monitoring both voice and data, your orbit slowly carries you away from the activity, around the hidden side of the moon. Here, in the sable solitude, while your instruments record the near-field gravitational shifts and collect energetic neutral atoms from the interstellar boundary, you have time to contemplate how far this species will get. Will their technical abilities progress in tandem with their ability to exist peacefully? There is so much knowledge, so much beauty in the universe, and your desire to share it is immense. But for now, the cloak stays engaged. Observe. Document. Report. You are to remain the watcher until further notice.


Exoplanet 11


Alien jungle, mid afternoon, if they even have afternoon here. Unfamiliar light spills into the dense thicket of vines and other strange foliage. After a minute or so, the uncertainty subsides as you realize this planet isn’t so bad after all. Good catalyst for creative thought, strong holographic imaging.


Extrasolar Night Rising

This planet has no moon, and its star is a distant binary pair with a weak bluish light. Night, therefore, is a deep sable pierced by pinpoint starlight, and the diffuse green glow of the galactic plane. Many strange winged creatures and amphibians spin their tales into the lush, dripping alien forest. 


Boudoir of the Hive Queen


She is dormant now. You look around; nothing familiar. Where are you? Who is she? Why did the swarm spare you? Got to find a way out of here. If only you could automatically summon your shuttlecraft with your iPhone! But alas, you only do free apps. She would probably wake up and sting you anyway. 




A visual display hangs in front of you, asking questions and flashing symbols you do not recognize. Some questions you cannot answer... 

“How did you get here”
“What is your cognition ranking”
“Define your purpose”

But some questions you can answer.  

“How do you feel”
“Do you remember your parents”
“Do you like the new hat that we gave you” 

Rings of light circle and pulse around your head, the questions slow down, and a face appears. The rest is up to you.