Gorgeous App!!!

What a stunning idea and a beautiful looking App!!! - it's very nice to use. Particularly convenient is the ability to make in-App purchases without the tedium of opening up another App. But the ability to transport you into another glorious dimension makes this App a haven for the weary. I use it more and more all the time as it is a refuge from the hubbub without actually being distracting - this is why writers and artists escape to the wilderness - nature sounds stimulate the creative mechanism. The holographic sound is truly gorgeous and it's astounding how well it works to revive body and mind.

Love, Love, Love the Newest Update

The newest update of NatureSpace is nothing short of perfect. the recordings are of fabulous quality. It is like being right there where the recording was made. The sound is so clear and realistic that the listener can tell whether trees are close and densely growing or whether the area is open. Now that all functions of the app work with VoiceOver, I can now enjoy all aspects of the app. I am pleased with the new wake up timer because that was something I was waiting for. Thanks for a great app.

Helps So Much!

What a beautiful day! I'm sitting outside with my laptop, typing this review with a lake behind me... Whoa! A bird just took off and flew right past my head! Ha ha! Psych! I'm actually inside right now, but the sounds in this app are so realistic that, if I listen long enough, I can almost forget where I really am for a few minutes. It actually seems like I am in the environment that each track portrays. This app is absolutely amazing! I listen to it while going to sleep, to drown out my mom's hard rock music, and it especially helps me when I feel upset. I have a tendency to get scared very easily. For instance, I can't watch horror flicks because, if I do, a particularly shocking and scary scene from that movie will get stuck in my head and play over and over again. However, when that happens, the first thing I do is fire up NatureSpace. The serene sounds in this app are so realistic that, after listening for only a few minutes, my mind is very easily transported to a much safer, calmer place and time where that horror flick can't get me anymore. Just a few moments with NatureSpace takes my mind from frantic and fearful to calm and happy. It's amazing what a little 3d sound can do! I just bought a new track today to add to the huge collection I already have, and I'm looking at the albums you can get from iTunes from the links inside the app. Oh, and I didn't mention that NatureSpace is perfectly accessible with VoiceOver, the iPhone's built-in screen reader for the visually impaired. That's a big, huge plus for me because I'm totally blind, and I can use this app with no problem. Way to go! I would highly recommend this app to anyone, even to those who are not into relaxation apps like I am. Even my mom is hooked on NatureSpace. She can't go to sleep without it. The only suggestion I would make is that it would be nice to have an alarmclock feature. I would love to wake up to the Daybreak Songbirds track while at the same time, being able to use a contrasting track like Rain into Water to help me sleep. Anyway, this is a wonderful app which has found a permanent place on my iPhone.

I Love This App!

Lately I've been really enjoying the rain sounds in this app.also, when the people around us decide to play their heavy bass, some of the sounds mask the base really well. I am so satisfied with this app. This is a really enjoyable app. It's practically the onlyApp I use for relaxation. I like that the different scapes are in stereo. And, I really love the animals and environmental sounds. I'm not so much into the sci-fi and abstract ones, but I think it is neat that they have it available for those who are into that. It's a great app. Keep up the good work. I also really like that this app is really accessible. As a blind person, I love that this app can be used with voiceover seamlessly. Thank you so much and I hope that you keep up the excess ability to.i've told all of my other friends who are blind and low vision about this app. And, my husband, who is also blind, uses this app almost exclusively for relaxation and creativity. Thank you again.

Naturespace is Wonderful

I used to collect nature CDs but not anymore. I am light perception blind and was born that way so I have never seen nature. This app is absolutely amazing. I have looked for weeks trying to find an app that would help me sleep but I didn't find one until I found Naturespace. I have only bought a few tracks so far because I just discovered this app only last week. I was skeptical at first because I have tried so many other apps. I am absolutely hooked on Naturespace because I can feel like I'm there. I highly recommend this app to anybody who is going through stress, has a sleep problem or just absolutely loves nature sounds. This app is absolutely amazing. Thank you, Naturespace, for making this wonderful app accessible with voiceover. I greatly appreciate all that you do and keep up the great work Naturespace.

My Solace

I love this to get into a perfect headspace for work. I let the soundscapes close the leaking holes of my attention when I need to hunker down and finish something important. My favorite tracks (mostly the abstract/melodic ones) are a seamless combination of balanced melodies and outside ambience. I prefer the Newton under a tree naturespace for blocking everything and making me feel focused. I play the Hansel and Gretel naturespace when I need to feel like I'm back home. The support crew is awesome, even though I have not had any trouble I have contacted them before accidentally and they were super friendly and excited to help were I to one day have trouble. Very glad to see they are crafting new naturespaces these past few months.

Background For All Occasions

I use this app often throughout my busy day -- while I work at home, at our retail space, at the yoga studio where I teach, and finally, to help me drift off into sleep. I have my favorites, but I enjoy them all. Great sound quality. I have fooled my yoga students into thinking it was beginning to rain, or that we were getting a larger than usual flock of birds outside. I like that they loop at long intervals so that you don't recognize a pattern. Highly recommended for all occasions but especially for chilling out while studying, working or simply relaxing with a book at the end of the day.