Great Sleep

I have tinnitus, and this replaces that ringing in my ears with beautiful sounds of nature flowing through my head. However, these tracks are good for much more than just sleep. They are great background sounds for so many daily activities. I searched for so long in the App Store and tried quite a few apps before I ran across Naturespace. I now keep up with updates on their Facebook page. Keep up the good work


I have tinnitus from 25 years in the army as an artillery officer. The ringing magnifies when I lie down to sleep at night...it used to keep me awake for hours. I sought help and it was recommended that I download a soothing sound app. So I searched and I found Nature Space and I am so glad I did! I set the timer for three hours and play my favorite sound, infinite shoreline, and within minutes I am sleeping! It is wonderful!

Smart Phone Essential

If you are looking for audio tracks to help with your Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, you can use these. I have had to contact the customer support several times due to a few different issues. Usually with me having a new phone or something. They were always prompt response and very helpful. When you buy an iPhone, and if you like your ears, download this application.

Great For All I Need

I need sound to help me fall asleep, help with my anxiety, and help me mask my tinnitus. I have been able to find something for all of that with this app. As one reviewer has noted there is no "tinnitus masking" sound recording and he prefers the ones where you can mix your own but that is personal preference. There are recordings here that do help mask my tinnitus. And while, yes, they are not free - they are well worth the minimal cost of freedom.